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Lisa Bromfield

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The purpose of Take5 Meditations is to help you heal the mind, body, and spirit through meditation. As a Psychic/Medium, I am able to provide you with valuable insights to facilitate your healing on your special journey.

My energy healing work involves a deep meditation journey, clearing your chakra and auric systems.  My intention is to connect you with your higher self to receive answers with what you need.  Each meditation journey is different, and you will feel more relaxed, and gain more clarity in your life.  I also offer a drum sound bath;  the vibration of the drum has many healing benefits, including that it may reduce anxiety and depression.  

Healing Guided Meditation with/without Drum Bath:  $150 (60 min)

Here is what to expect:

  • What do you want to change in your life?

  • What do you want to manifest?

  • Sound healing with my frame drum (optional)

  • Clear your chakra and auric system

  • Bring the violet flame through you to clear blocks

  • A deep, healing guided meditation and journey

  • Meet with your higher self

  • Forgiveness work

  • Spiritual Guidance through discussion

  • Intuitive Psychic/Mediumship reading

  • Suggestions for you to work on until our next session


A session is very deep and healing.  You will feel lighter and more relaxed.  You will gain more clarity.  You will have more direction in your life.  I have been humbled and honored to receive wonderful testimonials, so please feel free to review these.  Please contact me before booking a session if you have any questions. 

Psychic Reading with Spiritual Guidance​

  • $50 (30 min)

  • $100 (60 min)

Private Group Healings and Readings Available​

4 Session packages with improved rates available

Please feel free to call me to book the session directly and to discuss any questions.


I accept Venmo:  @Lisa-Bromfield-1 
I accept Zelle:  Phone 602-448-8827
Virtual sessions in any USA State or Country on Zoom or FaceTime
Sessions can be done in person at any location 
*an extra 2.9% is added to fee with credit cards for square*