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Lisa Bromfield

Intuitive Psychic/Medium, Energy Healer and

Spiritual Mentor

In 2013, I had a wake up call.  I realized I needed something different in my life, and so I began my spiritual journey of growth and discovery! 


I started working with a spiritual coach and at her suggestion I began studying Helen Schucman's "A Course in Miracles". I committed to meditating every day, and utilized various techniques to manifest my desires. My transformation was life changing, and I realized that I had gifts that I would use to help others to transform and lead more joyous and abundant lives. 

In June of 2020, Spirit guided me to move during the pandemic.  I was provided with signs to move to Gulfport, Florida, a place that I had never heard of and that I had never visited.  I sold my home in Phoenix to a cash buyer in 21 days and found a place to live, before I even arrived.  It has been a magical journey ever since.

I am an avid outdoor enthusiast, and I have hiked by myself all over the United States and Canada.  Nature feeds my soul, and this has allowed me to reflect on my own journey, and to continue my own personal growth.  


Meditation does not have to be done sitting like a monk! Connecting with nature simply by sitting or walking, listening, and taking a pause in silence, will allow you to move forward in your journey!

Join me on this beautiful journey!