Special Event:  Sacred Circle (mixed event men and women)

Sunday April 25 at 6:30pm (text for Address)


I am honored to facilitate a beautiful sacred circle ceremony.  Lead by a woman of Cherokee decent, she will lead us in Lakota songs, chants, and drumming.  Please feel free to bring something special, perhaps a photograph or item, to place on the altar.  We will honor this space with a beautiful fire, and also pass the talking stick around to each member of the group.   No alcohol or drugs please.


Every other month, this event will allow for men and women.  


Donations are greatly appreciated!


Please text me for the property location at 602-448-8827.

This is a donation event, and firewood wood be gladly accepted too.  

Drum Journey with Healing Guided Meditation and Chakra Clearing  Every Sunday from 10-11am

This will be very interactive with group discussion.  We will discuss what you want to set for intentions in your life.  What your current challenges are in your life, what each person has done to manage their lives differently since the pandemic.  We will discuss your meditation practice, and how you are creating inner peace.  I will discuss the Chakra system, and emotions tied to each one.  How do you know your chakras are out of balance?  How does this show up in your body?  How do you nurture yourself every day?  I will provide a "Lesson for the Day."


I will then provide a 20 minute drum journey, followed by a deep, healing guided meditation.  I will clear your Chakra System, you will meet with your higher self, and we will explore through different doors to help you find answers.


You will feel happier and lighter after the drum journey and meditation.  Please feel free to see my testimonials on my website.


This event is held at the Gulfport Brewery and Eatery Garden.


This event is $20 and can be paid in cash, Zelle or on Venmo at:

Psychic, Mediumship Development Class (Beginners and all levels welcome!)

Every Saturday from 10-11:30 am in the Garden at the Gulfport Brewery & Eatery

Learn to tap into your gifts as an intuitive, psychic and medium.  I will have several exercises to build your psychic, intuitive and mediumship skills.  All levels are welcome.  This class is $10 and will run for an hour and a half.  Pay with cash or Venmo:

Event at the Garden at The Gulfport Brewery and Eatery.  

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