Gulfport Peace Circle
Saturday Dec. 11th at 5:15pm 
Gulfport Beach

This will be a monthly group gathering on Gulfport Beach.  The intention of the Peace Circle is to bring people together to raise the vibration of peace in ourselves and on our beautiful planet.  I will discuss a topic of the day, and then we will sit in silence for 5 minutes, to perhaps set the some personal intentions. I will then invite each person to share their personal journey.

See you on Gulfport Beach!  Please bring a chair and water.  This event is free.  Donations are appreciated!

Coffee, Tea & Spirituality
Saturday December 4th at 7pm 

at Sumitra Expresso Lounge in Gulfport

Do you want to connect with other like-minded spiritual people?  Come join us for a relaxing evening of conversation!  Wonderful discussions with insights on all of our journeys!

Sumitra is providing us with this lovely space, so it would be appreciated if all who join purchase a beverage or dessert to support them!


Donations appreciated!