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"The Drum Meditation was amazing and frankly much more than I expected. I was taken into a state of deep relaxation and introspection.

Lisa is very insightful and intuitive. She took the time to work with me one on one and through a guided meditation of forgiveness and release. She helped me to connect with my Mom and my higher self for guidance and confirmation. Afterwards I was able to release some inner emotions. Surprisingly, instead of feeling emotionally drained, I felt uplifted and energized!

Personal things that Lisa had mentioned rang so true to me. That’s when I knew she’s tuned in and connected. And all I could say, was wow, just wow. And thank you!

My experience with Lisa was profound and deeply moving. Not not mention, extremely beneficial. I felt refreshed, renewed and grateful after our session. I highly recommend Lisa/Take 5 Meditations!"  Melissa L.  Gulfport, FL

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